RGIII’s ex-wife demands $36K per month to maintain her lifestyle because she isn’t working

by Angela Davis |@ladyadavis Jersey Girl Sports fam what's the cost of being married to a professional athlete? Well for Rebecca Griffin, ex-wife of RGIII, the price is right around $36,000/month.  Yeah. Here's why:
She said she spends almost $36,000 a month on maintaining herself, their daughter and homes in Texas and Virginia – and has been doing so without a steady source of income. Rebecca said that Robert has cut off access to her American Express Platinum credit card and withheld money from her, which meant that she couldn’t pay her utility bills for things like “water, electricity, gas, cable television, landscaping, internet and pool service,” according to court records obtained by BOSSIP show. Robert claimed that the exes signed a prenup that specified that they’d go through arbitration on any “claim or controversy arising out of the agreement.” But Rebecca’s lawyers argued that arbitration was improper, because of certain issues, like child custody and child support, weren’t in the prenup and cannot be arbitrated. Rebecca’s lawyer questioned whether Robert recently stepping out with his new pregnant boo while still married was the reason why Robert wanted the case handled out of court.”
RGIII with new pregnant fiance
Jersey Girl Sport fam RGIII's attorney says that they both signed pre-nups, so she may not be able to get what she's asking. Rebecca's lawyer is challenging the validity of the prenup on the grounds that it didn't include child support and or custody arrangements. I'm not sure she really needs two homes, but she probably does need some support. I suspect the pregnant fiance being tossed around the internet doesn't help the situation. What do you think?

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