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Ricky Stenhouse Jr. ‘OK’ being the boyfriend of popular Danica Patrick

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. ‘OK’ being the boyfriend of popular Danica Patrick

I can imagine it would be tough being the boyfriend of a popular beauty like Danica Patrick. Her face is in commercials, on billboards and she’s one of NASCAR‘s most popular drives. I imagine it’s even more tough when you’re also a NASCAR driver whose current stats are better than your popular girlfriend.

Such is the case for Ricky Stenhouse Jr.–current boyfriend to Danica Patrick. However, he’s taking it all in stride with a good attitude.

“Yeah, people notice her,” Stenhouse said with a laugh during an interview Thursday at Charlotte Motor Speedway. “It’s still funny. People are telling her good luck this weekend, and I’m thinking, ‘Thanks, Thanks.’ They’re not going to tell me good luck. She includes me sometimes. People ask for a picture and she’s like, ‘Hey come on. Get in this picture.’ All in all, it’s really fun.”

Stenhouse doesn’t seem to mind getting cut out of pics or even basically ignored. He’s grateful for the way they’ve been treated by the media and fans:

“I feel good about where we are,” Stenhouse said. “(The news media) have been great to us. It hasn’t been uncomfortable at any moment, so we’re just regular people having a relationship.”


Danica and Ricky  together

Danica and Ricky together

It’s  nice to see a celebrity couple enjoy the spotlight together without all the farce and unnecessary drama that usually comes with it. Perhaps it’s that one is less popular that makes this work. It could also be that they aren’t clamoring for the spotlight. They embrace it, but don’t seek it.

 “But it’s all good. I’ve never really been worried about being in the spotlight. I could care less. Obviously with her, I am a little bit more (in the spotlight), but I’m comfortable with it.”

It’s probably this attitude that makes it work–for them and for us. We love LOVE and wish the best for them.

I hope other celebrity couples take note.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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