Ricky Williams denies he’s the father in alleged paternity suit

Ricky Williams is no stranger to controversy. However, lately he's been laying low. He's the father of five children, and maybe a sixth. Maybe.  A woman claims Williams is the father of her almost three-year-old son. Williams said, it ain't so. According to TMZ.com Williams denies paternity saying that it's just a scheme.
" [It's] just people trying to get money out of me." The ex-Miami Dolphins star adds, "There's no validity to this claim at all."
The woman, Heidy Rivera, says that she was in a relationship with Williams in 2010 when she got pregnant. She is seeking paternity for child supports payments. She's also seeking full custody of the boy. Williams says that Rivera is on food stamps and only makes $300/week with her massage job.  Well, now. I'm not sure how many women want to get pregnant by an out-of-work ex-NFL star. But, these days, anything is possible.  What do you think? Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis

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