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Roddy White Apologies To Fantasy Owners For Poor Performance

Roddy White Apologies To Fantasy Owners For Poor Performance

Could you image being a professional football player and not only are you pressured to win games and score points for your team but you’re also pressured to meet the demands and expectations of the millions of fantasy football owners who have selected you in  their starting line-up.

While the first Sunday of the NFL season was in full swing, one athlete felt as though he let his fantasy owners down. Atlanta Falcons, Roddy White slumped on his opening season game against the Chiefs by making only 6 receptions for 87 yards, while his Atlanta QB Matt Ryan had a magnificent day with 3 passing touchdowns and 299 yards.

After the Falcons victory, White took to Twitter saying to his fantasy owners “Fantasy owners got to get ya’ll some points”.

While it’s nice and refreshing to see this type of apology, millions of fantasy owners are sitting at their computers today waiting for apologies from a number of other players that let them and their fantasy teams down. I know I am!

Happy Fantasy Season Jersey Girl Fans!

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

Marcelle English

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