So, uhhh, yeah, we’re going to file this under ‘sadly typical’.

The “word on the street” is that  Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones and several other teammates were on a bus celebrating Bryant McKinnie’s 34th birthday when Jones was hit in the head with a bottle by stripper named Sweet Pea. According to CBS Sports via TMZ:

Sweet Pea hit Jones over the head with a ‘gigantic Ace of Spades bottle.’ After Jones was hit with the bottle, an ambulance was reportedly called for ‘a bleeding male.’ According to TMZ, not only did the blow to the head hurt Jones, but he was bleeding everywhere after it happened.

The incident reportedly took place around 3AM Monday. After the alleged assault, it appears friends of Jones tried to retaliate against Sweet Pea, but was stopped by McKinnie. 

Jones has been out since spraining his MCL in week 1. Since then he’s been rehabbing, and actually showed up today for his regularly scheduled rehab–no doubt with a swollen head. 

It just goes to show that strippers and professional athletes don’t mix. If I had to glean some Dr. Seuss:

Not in a club, not in a pub

Not in a car, not in a bar

Not on a bus–there’s too much fuss!


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again


Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis