Russell Westbrook will rest vs. Timberwolves, Does this kill his MVP eligibility?

by Angela Davis/@jerseygirlsport Jersey Girl Sports fam the front man and leading MVP candidate for the 2016-17 NBA season Russell Westbrook will sit out of the next game against the Timberwolves to rest. Imagine that!? A player 'resting' has caused quite a stir this season with some vets, retired pros and analysts calling players 'weak' and 'soft' for it. I wonder if Westbrook will get that kind of criticism considering his awe-inspiring season so far. He has broken the record for the number of triple-doubles in the season, surpassing that of Oscar Roberton's in Sunday's win against the Nuggets all but securing his selection of MVP. Thunder coach Billy Donovan supports this decision
He's been unbelievable the way he's played, the way he's led," Donovan said. "Sitting down and talking to him, talking to the medical staff, this was an opportunity [to rest him], but at the end of the day it's his decision of how he feels and trying to capitalize on maybe taking a day off, a game off, and I get that. Ultimately, he's going to be the one who's going to make that decision. ... At the end of the day, he was the one who also really felt that, OK, this would be a good day. I think myself and our medical staff really agreed with him that this would be a good opportunity to get some rest."
Let it be known that other players are also resting including Taj Gibson and Doug McDermott.
I mean, he wants to play," Donovan said. "I think he understands big picture. We have two games left. We know what we're doing in the playoffs and who we're playing against. I think he knows this is good for him. This is good for him physically. This is good for him to get a rest and have some time to make some decisions on tomorrow's game with what we're going to do with him. He's a competitor, he wants to play, but he also knows there's something bigger out there. I think taking this time is important."
Taking this time is important, and I think resting the body so that he can have the energy for the post season is smart. Resting or not, he's still the top candidate for MVP. Resting doesn't change that. Still, I'm sure the critics are on standby. What do you think?

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