Russell Wilson starts his own passing academy for quarterbacks

by Angela Davis|@jerseygirlsport Seattle Seahawks phenom Russell Wilson is taking his talents to other inspiring quarterbacks. He's started the Russell Wilson Quarterback Academy (RWQA) to help QBs in the NFL, college and high school hone their skills. Practice squad member Jake Heaps will serve as president. In a video on Twitter, Wilson talked about this exciting venture:
Welcome to RWQB,” Wilson says on the video. “We’re going to have some fun together. I’m super excited to teach you guys the game of football and continue to grow in terms of playing the quarterback position. I’m super excited to partner up with my man, Jake Heaps, a guy who has played in the National Football League, a guy who has been in the meeting rooms, been in the fire.
Not only will the organization help player with their skillsets, it also aims to help build men of character.
At RWQB, we believe in not only developing great quarterbacks, but also all around great young men. We want our quarterbacks to be leaders of their football teams but also leaders in their communities that will set them up for success in life! As a staff we promise to bring high energy, passion, and a family like atmosphere to our athletes and their families. We are devoted to creating a hard-working, positive environment for our athletes to reach their optimal potential.
I think this is a great idea! Russell Wilson is well-respected, and taking his talents to help those who need it, or may not have access is a good use of his talent to bless others.  

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