Saints’ Head Coach Appeal Rejected

I don’t think this was really a stretch but NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell has rejected the suspension appeal of Saints’ head coach Sean Payton for his involvement the Saints’ bounty investigation. In addition to upholding Payton’s suspension, which begins next Monday and runs through the Super Bowl—in New Orleans next season—Goodell also upheld suspensions of eight games for general manager Mickey Loomis and six games for assistant head coach Joe Vitt, along with a $500,000 fine for the franchise and the loss of second-round draft picks this year and next. With key members of the Saints’ executive office suspended it’s time for the team to pick up the pieces and move on. Questions high on the list for this organization is who will coach the team, what does draft day look like in a couple of weeks, and when are they getting Drew Brees re-signed. The Commissioner said in a statement that if Payton, Loomis and Vitt “embrace the opportunity and participate in a constructive way,” he would consider reducing the financial penalties on them. Goodell also “would consider whether there are factors that would support modifying the forfeiture of the team’s 2013 second-round draft choice.” I understand that all those things are important but these men what to get back on the field to coaching and running the organization, especially with Super Bowl XLVII heading to New Orleans in February 2013. With the suspension being upheld, will this be an opportunity for former Dallas Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells to come out of retire to coach the Saints. I personally love that option, but what will that decision say about the assistant coaches that have been on the sidelines game after game working with this team? At this point I’m interested to see what happens to the players that were actually involved. As some would like these guys could be headed to jail. Your J.G.F., Marcelle English

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