Saints stuck in Seattle due to mechanical issues with plane

The first thing any team wants to do after a loss on the road is get the heck out of "dodge" and get home! Well, the Saints weren't so lucky. After a tough loss to the Seattle Seahawks, it seems their travel plans were delayed due to mechanical problems with their plane and will be stuck in Seattle until this afternoon--at the latest! ESPN's NFL insider Adam Schefter tweeted the news:
Saints will be unable to return to New Orleans until this afternoon at the earliest after their plane could not take off from SEA last night
 That sucks!!
You would think that a powerhouse team like the Saints, or any NFL team for that matter, would have top notch travel accommodations.
Oh's not a good week for the Saints. They are now tied with the Carolina Panthers in the race for the lead in the NFC South and will face them next week.
Maybe they can get some good seafood while they wait for the plane to get fixed.
Your Jersey Girlfriend, 
~Angela Davis

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