It seems NBA guard Tony Parker was amongst the injured in a hip-hop brawl that broke out Thursday night against Chris Brown and the entourage with rapper, Drake.  Tony Parker says he suffered a scratched retina on one of his eyes.

Parker is in Paris training with the Parisian basketball team. He said he expects to be sidelined for about a week while the French team prepares for the Summer Olympics.  Parker said he was wearing a “therapeutic” contact lens and had to go to an emergency room for treatment after arriving in Paris.  “I was with my friend Chris Brown and me and my friends took some punches, so I’ll be missing the start of the French team because I can’t do anything for a week except keep the lens in and then take drops.”

Chris Brown suffered a cut on his chin when bottles were thrown as the fight escalated. Brown, his body guard, girlfriend and Tony Parker were amongst those injured in what Brown’s girlfriend called, a “brutal attack.”

Rapper Drake has denied any involvment, saying he was exiting the club when the fight started.

I’m thinking Tony Parker may be a little too old to be hanging out with young hip-hoppers with something to prove. Even if they are “friends” perhaps the club is not the best venue to be when you’re trying to prepare for the Olympics.

Just saying….

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis