The victim who accused Penn State’s assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky of sexual abuse, and opened the door to the Penn State scandal and subsequent conviction of Sandusky will be interviewed by ABC. The teenager, known as ‘Victim 1″ in court papers also has a book coming out this fall. There is no word on when the interview will air.

Victim 1 met Sandusky about eight years ago while attending a camp supported by Sandusky’s charity, Second Mile. He accused Sandusky of fondling him and performing multiple sex acts over several years. Victim 1 and his mother first reported Sandusky in November 2009. Sandusky, who did not testify at his trial admitted to showering with boys, but maintained his innocence saying he did not molest them.

I think it will be interesting to hear what the victims have to say. Rarely do we hear from children about their experience. I wonder what prompted him to finally tell his parents and how he felt watching the scandal unfold.

I also find it interesting that he has a book coming out. I wonder if this book is coming at the right time. While I understand the opportunity, I am unsettled about someone profiting from his own tragedy. However, if it can encourage another child to come out of the darkness and shame of abuse, then I fully support it.

The sex abuse scandal has left a scar on the Penn State football program and an unforgettable imprint in college football.

I’m looking forward to this interview. What about you?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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