Seahawks defensive and offensive lines get into scuffle that left one player bloodied

by Angela Davis|@ladyadavis |@jerseygirlsport The NFL pre-season is here and players are at practice full of testosterone and ego. That all came to a head at practice when the offensive and defensive lines traded fisticuffs that left  Germain Ifedi bloodied and defensive end Frank Clark was kicked out of practice. While this is not unusual during practices, for the Seahawks it only adds to the rumors that there's trouble in paradise. Rumors of players' lack of faith in quarterback Russell Wilson and other internal strifes make this fight seem much bigger. Even peacemaker Michael Bennett said this fight might have gone too far.
Scuffles happen in camp sometimes,” Bennett said. “I think we may have crossed that line today.”
For those critics who say that it's just a matter of time before they implode, famed cornerback Richard Sherman says, "think again."
People are waiting and hoping for our demise,” Sherman said. “They’ll just have to keep waiting. As long as this core is together, we’ll be incredibly tough to deal with."
So, what's the real deal? Who knows. Head coach Pete Carroll wasn't happy and certainly morale needs an adjustment. What matters is that come week 1, they are ready to deliver. They have to be ready for some football.  

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