They’re Baaaaack!

It’s almost time for Basketball Wives 3, and after watching the trailer for this upcoming season, all we have to say is wow.

Make that WOW!

If the first two seasons of this show were a delicate spring rain shower, this season promises to be a hurricane, consisting mostly of screaming, legal action, and glasses being thrown in various Miami restaurants. Oh, and getting to know the newest wife, Meeka Claxton, who is married to Speedy Claxton. I believe she’s the ONLY one of the ladies that is actually married. It’s hard to pick a favorite moment out of the trailer, but for nostalgia’s sake we’re going to award it to Tami who, at one point, wears a bedazzled t- shirt reading “It wasn’t NOT funny.” Oh, previous reality show memories, how we cling to you.

Basketball Wives 3 premieres on Monday, May 30th at 8p.m. ET/PT. Watch the trailer here!