by Angela Davis |@jerseygirlsport

All of us looking forward to Serena’s much anticipated ‘comeback’ may to wait a little longer. The queen of the court failed to deliver at the Miami Open losing to Naomi Osaka, 6-3, 6-2.

Yeah, that part. She lost, and I guess we’re all a little shocked. Serena is just always expected to win, and to see her lose puts us back on our heels, but considering she’s coming to the court fresh off motherhood, it actually makes sense. She’s still the queen, but clearly a bit rusty. I’m sure even she was surprised at her loss.


On the final point, Williams thundered forward to attack an easy shot at eye level, whacked the ball six feet past the baseline and responded with a sheepish smile.

Not that motherhood has mellowed Williams. She left without talking to the media.

While I’m sure she’s disappointed, I’m also sure Serena is using this loss as motivation to come back better. Besides, there’s no doubt that beautiful baby girl settled her blues quickly.

Serena, we’re ready for another match!