Serena Williams Goes in a Panic Over Pee

Serena Williams has taken paranoid to another level… Last week Camp Serena when into total lockdown after the tennis star thought she saw an intruder trying to break into her home at 6am on her security camera. It seems that Serena was so scared she locked herself into her panic room just in case. Instead of being a burglar, the person coming to Serena’s house so early was a rep for an unspecified tennis association coming unannounced for some pee…SURPRISE! That’s right, Serena has to do random drug test...too! Of course the police were called and they rushed to the house which is when the mistake was discovered. It’s no telling if Serena ever submitted pee for the test, but it’s definitely a warning to other reps coming to Serna’s house in the future for random drug testing. Your J.G.F., Marcelle English

Author: Jersey Girl Sports

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