With record highs at this year’s Australian Open being in the 101 to 104 degree range, many spectators and players are really feeling the heat. But, tennis’ No. 1, Serena Williams is bringing a different type of heat, this time with her fashion.


Williams is never one to disappoint with her fashion trends on or off the court, but in 104 degree weather Williams rocked a cool Nike pink blazer with a pink and black polka dot tennis dress to match.

2014 Australian Open - Day 3


Williams said to ESPN that she’s trained her entire life in Florida for conditions just like these.

”I just try to hit a bunch of aces and a bunch of winners — that’s all you can do because it’s too hot to get into long rallies,” she said.

One would think with the high temps Williams would be wearing something  a little cooler, not this fashionista. Williams wants to let everyone know that no matter what the temperature, she would be there to take care of business.