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Serena wins the gold—and dances a jig!

Serena wins the gold—and dances a jig!

The number four-seeded Serena Williams reaffirmed her place as arguably the number one tennis player in the world AND she is only the second woman to complete a career Golden Slam, –first achieved by Steffi Graf. Serena won the most lopsided women’s final in Olympic history Saturday by beating Maria Sharapova 6-0, 6-1.


Serena danced a jig when she won a match she said she was really focused on. “I was so focused here,” she said. “I remember I was serving and I was thinking: ‘Serena, this is your best chance to win a gold medal. You’re at Wimbledon, you’re on grass, you play great on grass, pull it together, just win this.’ And that’s what I thought about.”

As a woman thinketh.

We are super proud of Serena. She and Venus are going for their third gold medal in the women’s double and we hope they bring back the gold.

U-S-A! U-S-A!

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis


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