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Shani Davis becomes another American favorite who fails to medal in Sochi

Shani Davis becomes another American favorite who fails to medal in Sochi

First it was snowboarder extraordinaire Shaun White, now it’s speed skating phenom Shani Davis. Davis, who was the favorite in the men’s 1000m failed to medal. If he won, he would have been the first Olympian ever to win three straight gold medals in this event. It’s never been done, and there’s good reason. It’s an incredibly challenging event. Davis is understandably disappointed:

“This one hurts me a lot but kudos to the people who were able to go out there and achieve their dreams,” Davis told reporters in the post-race press conference. reported the story commenting on the winners:

Stefan Groothuis took gold with a time of 1:08.39. Canada’s Denny Morrison crossed in 1:08.43, for silver. Michel Mulder of the Netherlands, who took gold a couple of days back in the 500 meters, finished at 1:08.74, surprisingly taking bronze.

The race for the gold is not over for Davis. He still has the 1500m to prepare for. In the Olympics, when you have other competitions, you don’t have time to dwell on the losses.

“Now I have to figure out how to prepare myself the best I can for that 1,500 race,” he said. “Since one door closed, hopefully another one opens and I’m able to step in there.”

That sounds like gold-medal-winning-thinking to me! Go Shani!

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