Shelly Sterling’s attorney calls NBA ‘self-serving’; She intends to keep her 50% ownership

I don't know if we can even call it a "battle" yet, but you can almost see lines being drawn in the sand. Donald Sterling is, for the most part, a done deal. It seems to be just a matter of time and votes before he is no longer the owner of the Clippers. His wife, however, is another issue. Shelly Sterling intends to remain a silent owner and keep her 50% stake in the team. It seems she will fight the NBA if they try anything otherwise, and her attorney Pierce O'Donnell made a statement in response to the NBA and its intentions:
Shelly Sterling's response
Shelly Sterling's response
Let's say he's right and the NBA wouldn't be able to force Shelly Sterling to give up ownership. What will be the point if the players walk and the sponsors back out? She would lose out all the way around on a team without players that becomes no longer profitable.
It seems to be a lose-lose situation for the Sterlings. If it's the constitution they're referring to, I think that same constitution makes discrimination illegal. Perhaps the only real winner will be capitalism, which by virtue of a walkout by the players, would make the "Clippers" business immediately go under.
What do you think?
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