Soledad O’brien makes sports her business, Joins HBO’s ‘Real Sports’

When you think of Soledad O'brien most of us will think about CNN. Her days bringing news and cutting edge documentaries to American homes makes her one of the most talented journalists in the industry. However, when CNN's new CEO Jeff Zucker took over, he started reorganizing the network and that meant O'brien would no longer be there.  Now, she's a 'jersey girl'! According to the Hollywood Reporter, O'brien inked an overall content development deal with HBO for her Starfish Media Group. This smart deal will also see her joining the network’s award-winning sports journalism program Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. The deal lets HBO have first look at scripted projects and long-form programming concepts developed by her media company. Wonderful! HBO Sports president, Ken Hershman agreed:
“Soledad is a perfect fit for Real Sports. She’s an extraordinary interviewer and storyteller, and we’re thrilled to be able to add her to a franchise where the emphasis is on finding and presenting thought-provoking stories in the diverse and ever-fascinating world of sports.”
We agree! O'brien is a welcomed addition to the sports world, and joins the ranks of other "jersey girls' who've made sports their business.  In case you didn't know here's the definition of a 'jersey girl'
a woman who likes sports; who embraces the sports lifestyle. The woman who enjoys a game as much as men--just with better shoes.
We look forward to seeing Soledad on HBO! Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis

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