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Sports fans respond in anger to ESPN’s obsession with LeBron James during the World Cup game

Sports fans respond in anger to ESPN’s obsession with LeBron James during the World Cup game

Today sports media should have been all over the historic World Cup match between Brazil and Germany. In case you missed it, Germany slaughtered Brazil 7-1 becoming the first team to score 5 goals in the first 29 minutes of the World Cup game. It was an amazing match to watch, and all the international sports networks couldn’t get enough–except ESPN. If you are like me, you get alerts and notifications about breaking and important sports news. Today, my alerts from ESPN should have been about the World Cup match, instead, it was about LeBron James. Seriouly?!!!

Sports fans too to Twitter to rightfully complain about ESPN’s lack of focus:

vogue205's avatarsilvia guevara @vogue205

@JerseyGirlSport @espn I completely understand u im so annoyed by all the free agency & LeBron news I love the Heat & LeBron but is too much

Really ESPN? You’re really gonna work in some LeBron references?

ESPN covers the biggest rout and biggest surprise in world cup history and STILL manages to bring up Lebron James

“LeBron worked out at the gym”.  “Lebron James and Heat president Pat Riley will meet on Wednesday…” All these alerts were news when  Germany was giving a historic performance at the World Cup game against Brazil. Even the announcers brought a LeBron moment in during the game reference a time when LeBron was a critical player in a basketball game. It was too much!!

. Yes, we love LeBron. Yes, we are interested in knowing what team he decides to play with next season, but damn we don’t need or want to know EVERYTHING LeBron does. ESPN was one alert away from “LeBron is wiping his ass.”

Seriously, ESPN. Let’s back up a little. LeBron got  more coverage about his indecision than he ever did The Decision.

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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