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Sportscaster Al Michaels arrested for DUI

Sportscaster Al Michaels arrested for DUI

Another sports personality has been arrested for DUI, and this time it’s not a professional athlete. Famed NFL play analyst and sports broadcaster Al Michaels was arrested for DUI in Santa Monica, California Friday after trying to make a U-turn. According to police, he spent several hours in jail.

According to Santa Monica Police Department public information officer Sgt. Richard Lewis:

“He makes an illegal U-turn in a business district. … Two motor officers see that. They’re staged in a gas station lot. They see the illegal U-turn, and they go after him,” Lewis told USA TODAY Sports on Sunday.


“They do a traffic stop. During that stop, they smell alcohol and determine he is under the influence. They do a field sobriety (test) and they arrest him.”

According to police, Michaels was booked and released about 6-8 hours later. 

The Santa Monica Police Department stand by the actions of their officers, In fact, they’ve taken an aggressive stance against drunk driving announcing a check point earlier this month:

“All too often, members of our community are senselessly injured or killed on local roadways by impaired drivers,” Lt. Jay Trisler said in an April 12 news release announcing the checkpoint. “Over the course of the past year, traffic collisions involving impaired drivers/riders were involved in 91 collisions, which have killed three and injured 28 people.”

I commend the Santa Monica police for their efforts. Getting Al Michaels off the street could have saved a life.

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