Stephon Marbury’s wife Tasha to join cast of Basketball Wives

Well it seems another woman has taken the plunge. Sources say Stephon Marbury's wife Tasha (Latasha is her real first name)  will join the cast of Basketball Wives. Sources say she's still in negotiations with production, but is fully expected to join the team of back-biting, name calling, fighting, slapping, loud, foul-mouthed women with nothing better to do than talk about "I heard she said..." Yeah, I know...SMH... Tasha was apparently approached to do the show originally but her husband, former NBA star Stephon Marbury said "hell-to-the-naw!" OK, he didn't actually say that but he did say no to the idea. Now that he's playing in China for the Beijing Ducks he's apparently changed his tune. I guess he doesn't care--or he wants Tasha to have something to do to occupy her time. Let's see, she could work on his charity/foundation, develop her own talents and skills....oh wait, no point in wasting her time with that when she can degrade herself on a "reality" TV show! Of course! What was I thinking?!! With Jennifer, Keisha and Royce no longer on the show, it makes sense that producers would look to fill the vacant shoes. At least she's a real basketball wife. Unfortuantely, given the premise and nature of the show we can only expect her to be like the other women. And what about Evelyn Lozada? Well, since her appearance onIyanla: Fix My Lifeshe's yet to confirm her return to the show. Really? Could it be? Has she really decided that this pseudo-fame is not worth her relationships and personal growth? Has she really seen how she's being pimped? Or will she return a newer, more enlightened Evelyn? We'll see. As for Tasha, I can only hope she joins the cast as a woman---in the truest sense of the word. But I'm not holding my breath. What do you think? Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis

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