Talks between the players’s union and management broke off Wednesday when the league rejected an NHLPA proposal.

At issue is how to split $3 billion dollars in revenue and player contracts. The union proposed a 50-50 split of hockey related revenue and $393 million in deferred payments. In the agreement that expired in September, players received 57% of revenue earned.

Friday, the league announced it’s latest round of cancellations that includes all games through December 14, the All-Star game scheduled for January 26-27, and the Winter Classic- one of the hockey’s premier events.

Rumors are that players are considering decertifying, a move that proved instrumental for the NFL and NBA players in resolving negotions and signing an agreement.

NHL Player’s Association Special Counsel, Steve Fehr dispelled those rumors indicating that players are willing to make a deal in a statement, ”We haven’t decertified, we haven’t talked publicly about decertication.”

Both sides seemed to be at an impasse without a clear path to a settlement which is a shame because the fans are the ones getting the raw deal.

The Washington Times reported that in an appearance on Sportsnet 590 Radio in Toronto, NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said ”We hate where we are and wish we were in a better place. We feel badly for everybody involved in the game. It’s unfortunate.”

What’s unfortunate is when money and talks of contracts override the game and cause the NHL season to grind to a disappointing halt.

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Tatia Harris