Stop blaming the women! Vikings QB Christian Ponder says girlfriend is not bad luck

Jersey Girl Sports fam, when a quarterback starts playing badly, fans tend to look for all the reasons why, and his girlfriend usually makes the list. This is the case with Vikings QB Christian Ponder. Two weeks ago he revealed that he's been dating ESPN college football sideline reporter Samantha Steele and since then he’s completed just 51.4% (38 of 74) of his passes and thrown just two TDs against four INTs. He says his lack-luster performance has nothing to do with his girlfriend. And exactly WHAT does this have to do with his girlfriend? Nothing! According to some Vikings fans blame Steele for his declining performance. That's insane! Ponder agrees:

“She has nothing to do with it,” he said when the topic was brought up by KFAN-AM’s Paul Allen during a radio interview. “We’ve been dating since the beginning of the season, so she had also to do with the five wins. So it has really nothing to do with anything on the football field.

I agree. Remember when Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo was dating Jessica Simpson? She was blamed for his lack of performance. Guess what? They've each moved on with their lives and Romo is STILL not that great.! Women are always the subject of a man's downfall, yet she's seldom credited with his success.

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