Sunglasses For Your Next Sporting Event

by Angela Davis/@Ladyadavis Jersey Girls, the weather outside is FAB and you need to get your sunglasses game up, but where do you start? You start by knowing your options! The biggest trend right now is the retro-chic sunglasses. They come in a wide variety of colors, but usually with a straight-edge above the lens with colored frames. They're unusual, and for those interested in the trendy side of shades. Because of the straight edge, they tend to work on all face-types. Be careful, small faces don't usually look good in these frames.
Retro Chic Sunglasses
Retro Chic Sunglasses
Then there's the cat eye frames. This style works every shaped face except round. It channels your inner vintage girl. Sunglasses in quirky shapes are another hot trend. However it is not for my shy Jersey Girls. This look actually looks great on every shaped face, and this is for girls not afraid of getting a little attention. The sporty sunglasses are always trendy for those people who wear them while actually participating in sports activity but lately they have been popping up in runways across the word. This is for my Jersey Girls that are just now starting on their fashion journey. Out of all the trends this is the easiest and most versatile. Sunglasses with gradient lens are not new to the industry, but from time to time they tend to make a comeback. I find more of my diva Jersey Girls flock to this look; Just be ready for the attention they bring. I call them "fresh out of rehab" glasses because they're usually the choice of trouble-ridden starlets. Sunglasses are a staple for every season but even more so for spring and summer. No matter what trend you go with own it and also don’t break your wallet buying them because if you lose them or break them it could ruin your season. Always keep them in a case and if you can, get them adjusted to fit your face. Remember you can always try them on before you commit to buying.   See you this summer!

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