The NFL is already making contingency plans for the next year’s Super Bowl, meaning the game could be played on Saturday!

Next year’s Super Bowl, February 2nd, 2014, will be the first one played in an open-air stadium in the northeast. While that sounds exciting, the fact that next year’s game will be played in the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey means that weather could be a factor. The NFL is even considering postponing the game a few days. 

If the NFL does need to change the day of the Super Bowl, it would be at the last minute and, of course, it would wreak havoc on travel plans for the fans attending. Howver, the NFL sees a different challenge:

“The challenge I see is that the stadium is only so big and demand is far going to exceed availability,” said Dave Wintergrass, the NFL’s senior director of events.

Next year’s Super Bowl will be historical, but no matter what happens, I’m celebrating.

The scheduled day is my birthday! 

See you in New York!

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis


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