T.O. confidently made a statement as did his agent that he would be back with an NFL team, but it seems that may not be so.

T.O. worked out today but no NFL scouts showed up.

Terrell Owens did about an hour-long workout Tuesday morning at Calabasas High School in hopes of getting seen by an NFL scout to get back into the NFL.

Unfortunately, no NFL scouts showed up to watch him.

Terrell Owens did various drills, and caught passes for about 25 minutes. He didn’t look as though as had slowed down, and that’s not bad for a man who is 37 years old—old by NFL standards.

Former 49er star Jerry Rice was on hand, as were various media members, but no scouts.

I hope this doesn’t send T.O. into another depressive state. While no teams were talking about his recent pill “incident”, it seems they may be thinking about it. But you never know with the NFL. Negotiations could be going on in the background, which is exactly what T.O. needs.

The last thing he needs is another ambulance ride.

What do you think?

Your JGF,

~Angela Davis