Mayweather on fighting Ronda Rousey: “I don’t even know who he is!”

You gotta love Floyd Mayweather. He’s a very confident man – in himself and in his skills as a boxer. He continues to back up his statements, and currently is the boxer keeping the sport alive at the present moment. He never backs down from a challenge and when asked about fighting women’s UFC champion Ronda Rousey he replied: “I don’t even know who he is!”


Watch this intverview with USA Today Sports boxing editor Bob Velin:

Each time I watch this video I laugh because Mayweather is so honest! He’s not putting on a show. He actually answered the questioned honestly.

He didn’t know who Rousey was a woman.

That’s just funny.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

Floyd Mayweather Bets $5.9 Million On Tonight’s Heat-Pacers Game 7

If you are thinking that LeBron James is looking for a big payday on Game 7 of the Heat-Pacers game, think again. If the Heat should win, boxer Floyd Mayweather would be the big winner.

According to a tweet from Vegas Gambling Stem, a source has the star boxer betting $5.9 million that the Heat will cover the mammoth spread for Game 7.


I can’t take this guy seriously. If you think that Mayweather can’t part with that type of money if the Pacers should happen to win, the boxer is reportedly worth $140 million, he probably spends that during a shopping spree.

After watching Mayweather burn $100 bills during his show on Showtime (which is illegal), nothing that he does surprises me. When the Heat wrap up this game, I will be all over twitter to see if Mayweather tweets about his new earnings.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

Marcelle English

Rumor has it Mayweather-Guerrero fight a flop for Showtime

It’s being said that boxing is a dying sport. The heavyweight category has historically been the draw with legends like Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, George Foreman and Michael Spinx, being the fighters to carry the sport’s prominence. Now, the “heavy weight” is a welterweight, and aside from Floyd Mayweather, Jr. there are no “big names” in this sport. As such, critics say the sports is dying. Now there may be numbers to prove it.

Yesterday, ESPN‘s Dan Rafael leaked info that the buy numbers for Saturday’s pay-per-view fight between Mayweather and Guerrero were not good. He took to twitter saying:

“No official PPV #’s yet for Floyd but 2 industry sources tell me they look bad (under 1M). We’ll see. If true, heavy $$ losses for Showtime,” Rafael wrote.

The highly demanded fight between Mayweather, Jr. and Manny Pacquaio will never happen and it seems that boxing fans may be wavering. Is the fight really worth paying for?

Guerrero is a good fight and he was a worthy opponent, but until recently, he was a no-name boxer. Mayweather was much more subdued and we didn’t get the loud, boisterous, flashy taunting that we usually see from the ego-driven boxer. According to an article in Yahoo! Sports:

 Mayweather and his people had full creative control over the prefight documentaries used to hype the fight, but they opted for fawning adulation over buy-inducing controversy. Frankly, a good number of people like to hate Floyd and buy his shows so they can root for the other guy. The pre-fight promotion for this show failed to whip the enemies into a buying frenzy.

Still, it’s still too early to assume and premature to draw such a conclusion. I do believe boxing needs a good heavy weight fighter to re-energize the sport.

We love to hate Mayweather, but carrying the entire sport is weight even he can’t bear.

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

Floyd Mayweather wants attention again: He will announce his next fight during Super Bowl XLVII

World Boxing News reports boxing great Floyd Mayweather Jr. will formally announce his next opponent at roughly the time that Super Bowl XLVII is played on Sunday.

It’s expected that Robert Guerrero will be named that the next challenger for his Welterweight title.

 I want to be surprised at Mayweather’s antics, but I’m not. We all know Mayweather is an attention whore but it will be interesting to see if anyone pays attention. Besides, if he’s not going to be fighting Manny Pacquiao, we’re not really interested.

We’ll be too busy watching the game as the commercials.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis


Manny Pacquiao Willing To Give Bigger Cut Of Money To Mayweather For A Fight

Manny Pacquaio says he’s willing to give a bigger percentage of the purse to Floyd Mayweather to secure a fight.

A fight between to two would make for the richest bout in boxing history, and while fans are clamoring for the battle of the century it seems the camps of the two are hung up in petty he-said-he-said drama which continues to stall the fight.

Pacquiao seems ready to go.

With concerns over Pacquiao’s alleged drug use and suspcions about Mayweather, it’s unlikely the two will ever meet in the ring. This statement by Pacquiao, however, now places the ball squarely in Mayweather’s court. No longer can he complain about money. Pacquiao at least appears to want to fight Mayweather more than he wants the money.

We just want them to fight — or shut up about it. If Mayweather doesn’t do it now, he just looks, as they say in Atlanta, “scurred”.

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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