LeBron James: Free Agency, Twitter, A TV Special, Oh My!

Well if you’ve been living under a rock, I can honestly say that watching the free agency antics of LeBron James traveling from team to team is like a pimp looking for his next “employees” has without a doubt been entertaining.  

Before the free agency period started you had owners like Mark Cuban get slapped with a $100,000 fine for just talking about his desire to have LeBron play for his Dallas Mavericks.  Then you had players like Dwayne Wade (still of the Miami Heat) putting together a ‘free agency summit’ with various top free agents coming together to discuss their plan of attack. Unfortunately those plans fizzled when players took a real hard look at what they could be possibly giving up when partnering with others on their same level if not higher; the mean green…MONEY! (more…)

NFL Free Agency 101: The Jersey Girl Way!

Ok, so I’m not going to assume that all of you don’t know what NFL Free Agency is, but I bet that I can count all of my knowledge sisters on 10 fingers.  So for the rest of you, you’ve picked up the bat phone and I see the signal.  Contrary to the difficult triangle of sorts that men try to make free agency out to be, the basic need-to-know information is really simple.  Let’s start at the beginning…

An NFL Free Agent is anyone who is not under a contract (seem simple so far).  Free agents are classified into two categories: restricted and unrestricted.  Furthermore, a team may “tag” a player franchise or transition, which places additional restrictions on that player’s ability to negotiate with other teams. However, the ability to “tag” is quite limited, and only affects a handful of players each year.  From my experience players don’t like this option because it sets so my limitations on the teams that they can talk and negotiate with.  It’s like being told that you can only date or marry a man who is a certain height, race, or financial status, and after he meets those requirement he still may not be accepted because his final offer still doesn’t meet all of the requirements. (more…)

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