Top 5 reasons why Patrick Ewing should get a shot as head coach of the Knicks

Patrick Ewing is ready for basketball —coaching that is. The 51-year-old says he’s ready to take his former team to the next level. He has a challenge, though: Phil Jackson. Jackson seems to be recruiting other former Lakers players for the coaching position, and he may be missing the best untapped opportunity out there. 

Here’s the top 5 reasons why we thing Patrick Ewing should get a shot as head coach:

1. He’s been coaching since 2003: He’s been working as an assistant coach since 2003 and is currently the associate head coach for the Charlotte Hornets. He understands what it takes to lead players and win. 

2. He understands defense: While he has never played point guard, as a “big man” he understands defense, and quite frankly the Knicks need help on that front too.

3. He has an amazing resume: He’s a Hall-of-Famer for pete’s sake! He doesn’t need a ring to understand the game and coach. Charles Barkley doesn’t have a ring, and there’s isn’t a person on this planet who would say he doesn’t understand the fundamentals of the game.

4. He would bring a unique perspective to coaching: As a big-man, he would bring a unique focus to defense and offense for that matter. In fact, the fact that he’s a big man is the reason Ewing feels he’s not taken seriously as a viable candidate:

“Yes, I think a lot of people do have a bias against big men. They don’t think that big men can do as good a job as point guards, I guess,” Ewing said. “They fail to realize that, yes, a point guard is the leader of the team on the offensive end, but the center is the leader of the team on the defensive end. We have to do the same thing on the defensive end that the guards do on the offensive end.”

5. He couldn’t be any worse that what they’ve had previously: I think passing over Ewing because he doesn’t have a “Lakers background” is a huge misstep. He can definitely learn the Phil Jackson “system” and because of his history with the team, I think he would bring a welcomed change in leadership in that position.

The NY Knicks are definitely looking to bring back or at least get back to their glory days. Phil Jackson was a good start, and I think Patrick Ewing would be another good move. If the Knicks are going looking to become great, sometimes they have to take what they would consider a risk. At this point, they don’t have very much to lose.

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

Phil Jackson agrees to help run the Knicks; Will he make a difference?

The Knicks have come to an agreement with Phil Jackson to help run the team, but the details of his exact role are sketchy. According to the NY Post:

Phil Jackson has reached an agreement in principle to oversee the Knicks basketball operations and “president” will be in his title, according to a league source.


All that’s left is the lawyers finalizing the last contract details by week’s end before Jackson officially returns to the organization that drafted him and where he won two titles as a player.


The Post has learned Jackson gave the Knicks a verbal commitment on Saturday. The Garden still will not comment on Jackson’s status.

Knicks president/general manager Steve Mills will remain on board in a revised role and work with Jackson. Knicks owner James Dolan hired Mills because of his vast network of contacts with NBA agents and GMs. That isn’t the strong suit of Jackson, winner of 11 titles as coach of the Bulls and Lakers.


Some issues during the last couple of days revolved around his living arrangements. Jackson lives in Marina Del Rey, Calif., with his fiancée, Lakers president Jeanie Buss. Jackson is expected to live in New York during the season, but do some commuting. Buss visits New York on business periodically.

Jackson has made it clear that he didn’t want the stress of the day-to-day operations, but he’ll obviously have impact with “President” in his title. 

The most important and I’m sure pressing issue now is with Carmelo Anthony and his free agency. Will he stay or go? Who knows, but I’m sure Jackson will have a hand in it. One thing is for sure, the man knows how to build — and coach a team. Will he be the key to turning the team to wins?

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

Phil Jackson may be taking his talents to the Knicks…front office

Yeah, just when you though Phil Jackson was making a NBA comeback –he’s not. Not in terms of coaching, anyways. Jackson was in meetings with the NY Knicks and when approached and asked about the returning to the NBA he replied.

“We’ll see,” he said. “I don’t want to be on the sidelines. That’s for damned sure.”

Well what is for sure according to an anonymous source with the Knick’s organization is that Jackson is mulling over the offer.

Alrighty then! As much as Phil Jackson says he doesn’t want to coach again (and he may not) it seems he just can’t stay away from the NBA–and that’s OK too.

He’s good for the NBA. The NBA is good for him.

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

Athletes + Guns = Thugs; But Regular Americans + Guns = Patriots — Huh?

The latest athlete drama surrounds an NBA player and guns. NY Knicks guard Raymond Felton was arrested early Tuesday morning charged with three gun charges, two of which are felonies. The two felony charges are second and third-degree criminal possession of  a weapon. According to USA Today Sports:

The second-degree felony charge carries a maximum sentence of 15 years if convicted, and the third-degree charge carries a maximum sentence of seven years if convicted.

Felton will probably take a plea deal and he may do some time, but it’s unlikely, given his relatively clean criminal history that he’ll do 15 years. The first and immediate reaction would be, “OK. Another professional athlete makes a stupid decision.” While that may be true in some respects, I think it’s unwise to pass such judgment without looking at the bigger picture.

‘Stand your ground’. It’s the controversial law that has inspired heated debates about self-protection and gun ownership. No, Raymond Felton is not charged for discharging his gun or killing someone in a presumed self-defense incident, but he still had the guns. The question is how is he any different than many Americans who assume and claim their constitutional right to have and own one?

The first argument is usually for protection. Well for the professional athlete, their status makes them a target, so carrying a gun makes sense according to that argument. The second argument is regarding a person’s constitutional right to do so. OK. Professional athletes are Americans too. The recent number of shootings and high-profile cases surrounding gun violence is an issue about gun control, among other issues. Felton’s case is simple: you have to have a license to carry a weapon and/or carry a weapon according to the laws of a particular state. If you violate those laws, it becomes a criminal matter.  

That doesn’t necessarily make the person involved a criminal.

Felton clearly made a mistake. If the charges are true, he violated the law, and will have to deal with the consequences. His status should make him think differently about his choices. However, let’s not be so quick to judge. The same people so quick to call him a thug for carrying a gun are some of the same people who are also quick to call out their right to do just the same–except they consider themselves patriotic Americans.

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis



(VIDEO) Ex-NY Knicks player Renaldo Balkman banned from game after choking teammate

The Philippine Basketball Association has fined and banned former NY Knick’s player Renaldo Balkman after he choked a teammate who was trying to stop him from going after a referee.

Balkman was fined 250,000 Philippine pesos (about $6,140) for what the PBA called  “initiating threatening physical contact with a referee followed by a prolonged, offensive, belligerent if not aberrant on-court decorum directed toward game officials and his Petron teammates and superiors.” Balkman is banned for life. He immediately started apologizing on Twitter saying:

“I accept all responsibilities for my actions while playing an intense game, I have truly enjoyed my time here playing in the Philippines”


“I would like to apologize to @arwindsotnas a person who I truly respect and would never intentionally harm, my actions were irresponsible”


I respect the Philippine Basketball Association and@PetronBlaze Organization, this situation will never happen again…its a lesson learned

This is a hard lesson to learn, and I hope Balkman is able to move on and have a successful career.
Your Jersey Girlfriend,
Angela Davis


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