Football+ Women + Fun = A Great NFL Season

Every year, there is a group of women, young and old, of all ethnicities and economic backgrounds that are sitting at home waiting… anxiously…not for the Barney’s Annual Sale or for her husband to finally take out the trash without being asked to, but for those six favorite words…

Are You Ready For Some Football?

That’s right, as hard as it is for some to believe (these “some” are mostly men…just wanted to make sure I pointed that out) women are having a love affair with the game of football. With over 45 million women watching NFL games each week, the NFL is the favorite among women.

Now with anything there are those that are addicted when it comes to the sport of football. Let’s take me for example, I wake-up to the NFL Network, I go to bed to it, but most importantly I also know what I’m talking about, and I talk major *ish about my favorite team or player. Then there are those of you who watch the game in passing. You know a couple of terms, you’re up on the basic knowledge, and you do know how to sit down and enjoy a good game. Then there are those of you have no idea what the hell is going on. You think that ‘ man in motion’ is a term coined from the hit show Cops, referring to a criminal on the run, but you do take a small interest in the game for some reason or another(my guess it’s for the hot men).

Well to help out all of my sisters, young and old, near and far, I have compiled the top 15 things that every woman should know going into this NFL season. Now ladies…after you read this you might want to pass this on to the man in your life, because contrary to what they believe…they DON’T know everything! (more…)

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