Weird Defamation Lawsuit Includes Masturbation by Former ESPN Exec

Keith Clinkscales

OK… I don’t even know where to start with this one…

We found this story on Roland Martin, and according to Martin, Keith Clinkscales, a former ESPN senior vice president who left the company last month, has filed a lawsuit that claims a colleague defamed him in a Deadspin story.

Martin feels there’s something fishy about the lawsuit. According to Martin,

First, “Clinkscales filed it before the story came out, meaning he was suing someone over something that did not yet exist. Two, the lawsuit denies that he ever masturbated in front of ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews on an airplane.”

According to the tipster (who’s the husband of one of the women Clinkscales fired) :

“Earlier this year, Clinkscales traveled to Los Angeles with Erin Andrews for a work-related event. Andrews sat in the middle, while Clinkscales was on the aisle. It was in either first or business class. What happened next was related by Andrews herself to both Connie [the name Deadspin uses for the tipster’s wife], her husband, and ESPN anchor Sage Steele. At some point during the trip, Andrews saw Clinkscales masturbating in his seat, beneath his iPad. When he realized he had been caught, Andrews told Connie, Clinkscales panicked and muttered, “You know, I’m one of your bosses.”

ESPN’s Erin Andrews

Last month, ESPN disbanded its Content Development department, of which Clinkscales was the head. Shortly thereafter, Deadspin received a tip from the husband of one of the people who had worked in Content Development. The employee’s husband told them that the whole department, and the 25 people who worked there, had been terminated simply to get rid of Clinkscales.

Really?? Wow. OK…that’s REAL shady!

WTH?? And….WTH??!!

This whole story is just crazy. WHY is Erin Andrews ALWAYS in the middle of some weird sex scandal? First, it was the peephole thing, and now this!

Having had the opportunity to get to know Keith Clinkscales, I believe he’s being strategic about this matter as there are details to this story that haven’t been released. He’s smart and capable and I’d be real surprised if he’s complicit in any way.

Stay tuned for more on this story…

What do you think?

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~Angela Davis

BEing A Powerful Woman

Last week, at least in sports, the men took center stage:  NFL hopefuls were showing their best at the NFL Combine; the NFLPA and the NFL were (and still are) in mediation; Cam Newton’s comments sparked much debate; The NY Knicks’ “Melo Drama” had all eyes on the Big Apple and the MLB is gearing up for the season.

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