(PICS) Serena and baby Alexis Olympia take the cover of Vogue as she talks marriage and motherhood

(PICS) Serena and baby Alexis Olympia take the cover of Vogue as she talks marriage and motherhood

by Angela Davis|@jerseygirlsport|@ladyadavis

Jersey Girl Sports fam Serena is giving us all kinds of mommy magic as she and her beautiful baby girl Alexis Olympia will grace the cover of Vogue.

Some of the pics are already out, and while we love Serena, baby Alexis is just too darn cute!

In the article Serena talks about her marriage, and thoughts of being a full-time mom–but she still wants to win more Grand Slams first.

from Vogue.com

To be honest, there’s something really attractive about the idea of moving to San Francisco and just being a mom,” she says. Reddit, the news aggregator of which Alexis is a cofounder, is based there, and they’ve just found a house in Silicon Valley. “But not yet. Maybe this goes without saying, but it needs to be said in a powerful way: I absolutely want more Grand Slams. I’m well aware of the record books, unfortunately. It’s not a secret that I have my sights on 25.” She means 25 Grand Slam victories, which would surpass the record of 24 held by the Australian tennis legend Margaret Court and make her the undisputed greatest of all time.

And actually, I think having a baby might help. When I’m too anxious I lose matches, and I feel like a lot of that anxiety disappeared when Olympia was born. Knowing I’ve got this beautiful baby to go home to makes me feel like I don’t have to play another match. I don’t need the money or the titles or the prestige. I want them, but I don’t need them. That’s a different feeling for me.”

Serena and baby Alexis on the cover of Vogue

Serena and the women in her family

serena and alexis Ohanian

I’m loving all of this…but I’m ready to see Serena take the court!


What the response to Richard Sherman’s rant reveals about sports fans; Are we hypocrites?

Richard Sherman’s post game comments will forever live in sports history. He was hyped, angry, excited and extremely passionate about his game winning play over San Francisco 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree that sent his team, the Seattle Seahawks, to the Super Bowl. Even FOX Sports reporter Erin Andrews seemed to be caught off guard by his response.

On several occasions, especially during the post game press conference he continued to call Crabtree “mediocre”.  While Sherman is getting a ton of heat about his behavior and comments, he said he had good reason: Crabtree shoved him in the face after Sherman he said to him, “good game” and offered a handshake.

Well, it didn’t take long, but San Francisco 49ers wide-receiver Michael Crabtree responded to Richard Sherman’s harsh comments about him:

Film don’t lie… @nflnetwork @espn pull up the tape of that game and show me where this guy is the best?   

Sherman promptly responded:

A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of a sheep.

Sherman has been called, ghetto, loud, rude, arrogant, and egotistical. He’s also been called a thug, a bully and a other comments that are beyond racist and violent. Yes, it can be said that Sherman’s comments reveal much about him, but given the response, what does it say about sports fans?
Sports fans have unrealistic expectations. Football is a rough, barbaric sport. The amount of energy needed to get to through a game as physical as this, requires that same hardcore and rough mentality. Even sports fans shout things like, “hit him hard!” or “take him down”. We praise the rough hits, yet we get upset when immediately coming out of a game like this, the athlete isn’t calm, cool and collected. Really?!
Richard Sherman is a young man in his early 20’s. Expecting him to behave like an adult male with a matured life experience is silly. Imagine having and reaching the pinnacle of success at an early age,  on a national stage! Top that with beating a player who’s been trash talking with you, and this makes the moment that much better! Being hyped and feeling justified is an understatement. Some said he was a sore winner and called him arrogant.
How quickly sports fans forget….
Sports fans have short memories. Muhammad Ali never hesitated to remind boxing fans and future contenders that he was the “greatest of all time”. Ali even made up rhymes to taunt his opponents up until the very minute of the boxing match. Even Michael Jordan and Dale Earnhardt were notorious for trash talking. Guess what–most agree that Ali was the greatest and we applaud, laugh and are still entertained by his grand gestures. What’s so different between Ali and what Richard Sherman said?
Sports fans are fickle. We love a rising star athlete. We like them young, full of talent and totally unaccomplished. Let him get the coveted ring, title, or championship and then something changes. If he dare agrees he’s talented or even remotely accomplished he now becomes an arrogant prick who should be scarred for life. Since when did it become a crime to believe in yourself? Since when did agreeing that you are good at what you do become synonymous with egomania? Oh, I see. There’s nothing wrong with good athleticism as long as the athlete never says it out loud. 
Richard Sherman had a moment. Perhaps he lost his cool and was caught up in the excitement of the win, but what about Crabtree’s behavior? His conduct was less than gentile and he’s been given a pass because he lost the game.
Sports fans are moody. We love athletes one minute and hate them the next. Perhaps we’re the problem. We tend to relate to people in situations or circumstances closest to our own. Maybe that’s why Sherman has drawn such ire. How many of us can say we are living our dream and doing it well? If you are, there’s nothing wrong in saying it, and believing it. Now, I do think Sherman will have to eat some humble pie one day, not because of karma, but just because it’s the nature of the game he’s in.
Until then, he’s headed to the Meadowlands. You may not agree that he’s the greatest cornerback in the NFL, but he was in that moment–when it counted.
Jersey Girl Sports fam someone will surely pull Sherman’s collar but we may need to be checked too. We feed the frenzy, enjoy the madness and live for the thrill of competition. 
After all, this is sports.
Your Jersey Girlfriend, 
~Angela Davis

Top 10 sports new year resolutions you should have for 2014

If you’ve made a list of new year resolutions, I’m sure you’re well on your way working out at the gym, or being more organized or polite or perhaps more forgiving. All those things are good, but there is one area that you must check into – sports. 

If your sports lifestyle suffered or took a back seat in 2013, 2014 is a new beginning and we’ve got a list of sports new year resolutions that will help you get back in the game.

1. Know the game: If you’re still confused about the difference between a touch down and a home run, or the difference between a bank shot and an “eagle”, resolve to let this year be the year you start to learn the game.

2. Attend more games: If you missed out on some good games last year, this is the year to check out a live sporting event. A basketball game or hockey or football game is a great way to spend time with friends and loved ones. Change up your social scene and make girls’ night out be one that includes sports.

3. Try something new: Yeah. It’s time you learned how to play golf or tennis. Check out a flag football game this year –just do something new. You’ll find that playing sports will make you feel and LOOK better too!

4. Make sports a part of your relationship: If you’re a football widow, you’re probably counting down the weeks until the end of the NFL season. Maybe you should resolve to learn the game and make it a part of your relationships. Jersey Girl Sports is a good place to start!

5. Step-up your sports wardrobe: Ladies, PLEASE let go of your man’s over-sized, old jersey and team-logo sweatshirt. There are VERY goods apparel lines that cater to and provide sports apparel for women. Check out Touch by Alyssa Milano and even Old Navy has some great picks. Vow to wear better in 2014.

6. Get to a fun sporting event: Have you ever wanted to go to the Super Bowl or NBA All-Star weekend? How about the Kentucky Derby? Be a part of these amazing sporting events. You’ll meet new people and new sports experiences will enhance your life.

7. Let sports help you succeed in business:  Ladies, men love sports. Part of climbing the corporate ladder also means being able to be a part of the corporate golf outings and the Monday morning sports conversations in meetings. Bring sports into your business and excel!

8. Change up your sports scene: Find a new sports bar or try tailgating this year. Check out a new sports bar to watch NBA games. If you’ve heard of a sports hot-spot check it out. Change up your scene. Who knows, if you’re single, you may meet that special someone.

9. Get you some Jersey girlfriends: Every woman who likes sports should have a group of girlfriends she can enjoy a good game with. Not only is it fun, but quite frankly, it’s just sexy. Get your JGFs!

10. Get with Jersey Girl Sports: By now, this should be a no-brainer. You should check in with us least twice a day to get in on sports conversations that cater to women like us. Women who can enjoy a game as much as men—just with better shoes.

So, now that you’ve got your list, I’m sure there are a few on here that you need to work out for 2014. This is going to be a good year in sports Jersey Girl Sports fam. 

Step up and get in the game!

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

Samsung’s Jay-Z Commercial During NBA Finals Show Marketing Through Sports Is Smart Business (VIDEO)

We have long believed that reaching consumers through sports makes good business sense, and last night’s Samsung commercial proved us right. During half-time of the NBA Finals a three minute commercial which looked more like a short film aired featuring rapper Jay-Z. It showed various big name producers in rap music working with Jay-Z as he gets ready to release his new album. However, it’s not until the end of the three minutes that you realize the commercial is really for Samsung. Take a look:

If you were like me, I stopped watching after two minutes and by the time the hashtag for song and Samsung appeared at the end of the commercial, I actually missed it. I read in the social media space that it was really a Samsung commercial. 

I’m not sure what the commercial was supposed to inspire or persuade me to do. I’m a bit interested in the next Jay-Z album, which is set to be released the 4th of July, but that’s about it. I’m not going to buy a Samsung phone, and it didn’t even peak my interest in the product. However, I wouldn’t switch smart phones for access to a music artist, so while I like Jay-Z, I’m not fanatical about his music enough to buy a different phone. In this case, Samsung may not be talking to me.

For a music lover, this may be just the thing. For those looking to get new phones deciding on a platform is important. Samsung did a great job in showing why they should be considered.

This is a big deal for Samsung. According to the Wall Street Journal:

Samsung has purchased 1 million copies of Jay-Z’s coming album, entitled “Magna Carta Holy Grail,” slated for release July 4, and plans to give them to Samsung Galaxy smartphone users for free – 72 hours ahead of the release. The users are to receive the music through an app they’ll receive later this month. (Recipients won’t be able to share it until the official release date.)


Samsung paid $5 apiece for the albums, according to a person familiar with the matter. It wasn’t immediately clear if Nielsen SoundScan will count Samsung’s purchases in its sales tallies.

This seems to be in response to Apple’s release of iTunes Radio, and while the response is appropriate, I’m not sure if it’s effective–yet. Jay-Z fans would have purchased the album regardless, and I’m not sure someone will want to buy a Samsung phone just to get a copy of an album many get through underground channels anyways. It’s an expensive approach, and it remains to be seen if it will pay off. What is effective is the ginormous brand awareness Samsung has created. That was genius.

There’s no doubt that Jay-Z is clearly the big winner in this. His marketing appeal has driven home the importance of corporations to get into strategic partnerships in the music industry. Even smarter was airing it during the NBA Finals game. Many NBA fans follow his music so it was good to push to that audience when they’re already focused on the television set. This further proves how integral sports has become to the entertainment industry. Sports fans are focused and engaged–two critical elements for this type of advertisement.

I have no doubt will be seeing more of these “short-film-commercials” during key sporting events. It’s smart marketing, and sports fans are engaged and connected. 

I think Jay-Z’s numbers will look good. He already has a $5 milliion head start and he hasn’t sold one album yet! What the numbers look like for Samsung remain to be seen.

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis


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