‘Tail’-Gating: Booty Bus Comes To A Stop

As if the city of Detroit needs any more bad publicity……

Police in Detroit say a bus acting as a mobile strip club for tailgating Lions’ fans may be illegal. The “Booty Lounge” says on their  Facebook page that the red and black bus can be hired for private parties and is available with or without “ladys.” It features two stages with steel dance poles, a smoke machine, laser lights and a sound system.

WTH?!? Is THIS what tailgating has come to? I have been to some great tailgating events in just about every major city and at no time was there an ass-mobile on site. I think they took that “tail” gating a bit too literal.

And the police are taking pictures with these girls? (We’re not sure if the pics are with Detroit police officers)

Really? Really?

Police began investigating after WDIV-TV broadcast a story about the bus. The bus operators didn’t respond to requests seeking comment. However, it’s said that they’re not charging, but accepting $10 donations. Uhhh—yeah. Right.
I don’t know what will happen, but this is taking tailgating too far? What do you think?

Your JGF,

~Angela Davis