The Football Commandments: The Do’s & Don’ts For The Upcoming Season

With everything there are always rules or directions to follow, whether it’s driving, preparing a meal or just the random every day things we do. Well, as many of you know, the football season is getting ready to start, and we want you to be the best fan you can be whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned-pro. We want you to start the season off on the right foot, so we have come up with what we call the 10 commandments of football. Now ladies, trust me when I say, that if you read  and follow these 10 football commandments, you will make it through the season with flying colors. I. Thou Shalt Not Try To Have Deep Conversations During The Game. Now ladies, I know this is going to sound harsh, but it honestly doesn’t matter what you have to say. Outside of death and immediate danger, whatever it is can wait until after the game is over. Game time IS NOT the time to gauge where your relationship is, or talk with your significant about taking your relationship to the next level. So take my advice wait a couple hours after the game is over to have whatever talk you want to have--unless his team loses. Then wait until Tuesday. II. Thou Shalt Not Wear The Average Football Apparel. The days of wearing your boyfriend’s jersey is over. With women being almost 50% of all football fans, brands like the NFL Shop and Victoria’s Secret have come up with some amazing apparel that is sexy, flirty, fun, all while showing your team spirit. III. Thou Shalt Serve Great Food And Drinks. Whether you’re having the girls over to watch the game, or hosting an elaborate Super Bowl party, there are so many options than just your average wings and beer. There are millions of recipes that you can incorporate into your party from grilled fish tacos, to a layered Mexican dip, to veggie sliders, the choices are endless! Now when it comes to the drinks, beer is the obvious choice, but try creating a signature martini named after your favorite player or a drink that has the colors of your favorite team.  Again…have fun with it! IV. Thou Shalt Not Wear 5” Stilettos To The Game. There is a time and place for everything and 5” stilettos have no place at the stadium or your pre-game tailgate. PERIOD! V. Thou Shalt Carry Your Clear Bag To The Stadium. I know this is a hard one to swallow, but since the NFL is making this a requirement let’s just follow the rule. Remember when we were told we couldn’t carry no more than 2 oz. bottles on the plane? We adjusted. Now no one said the bags couldn’t be cute. Our friends over at Stadium Sophisticate have created a way to make that clear bag not just a glimpse inside your personal world, but a stylish tote. VI. Thou Shalt Know A Little Something About The Game. There is nothing worse than having your friend or significant other leaning over every 5 minutes to ask what just happened in the last play.  Ladies, knowledge is power, and when it comes to football that is even truer. There are a number of websites (Jersey Girl Sports) and books  like The Modern Girl's Guide To The Gridiron that can give you the real     4-1-1 on the game to help you make it through the season. You will not learn everything in one sitting, but you will at least make yourself look smarter---and sexier! VII. Thou Shalt Play Fantasy Football.  There is no better way to learn the game or be social than signing up to play a fantasy football game. Get some friends together, set up an office pool with co-workers, or signup for a team on your own.  Fantasy football is one of the best interactive tools to really get you involved in the game. VIII. Thou Shalt Involve Your Significant Other. Whether you are the one in your household that is the fan-fanatic or if it’s the other way around, involve your mate in your football experience. Create a date night to go out and watch the game, set-up a sexy bet for a particular game where your two teams are playing each other.  There are so many things to do so neither one of you become single because of a football. IX. Thou Shalt Meet Old And New Friends. I honestly believe that football is the best way to meet new people or get together with old friends. You can meet up at the sports bar, have people over to the house, or stop by a pre-game tailgate, as long as you are meeting people and having fun with people who love football too. X. Thou Shalt Visit Jersey Girl Sports For All Things Football. You know that I couldn’t let this blog end without mentioning Jersey Girl Sports as your go-to-for-all-things-football. We have it all, from drink and food recipes, to what to wear to the game, to fantasy football and exclusive interviews with players and coaches. Jersey Girl Sports is where women and sports meet o our terms! Your Jersey Girlfriends, Angela Davis and Marcelle English

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