Rebecca Marino is a 22-year-old tennis pro with a 150-107 WTA record. She was once ranked 38th in the world among female tennis professionals, and now she’s giving up her dream altogether.

She announced this week that she’s quitting because she is struggling with being berated by “fans” in social media. The Canadian player admitted that she’s also been dealing with depression and the comments and negativity in social media push her to a darker place:


“Social media has also taken its toll on me,” Marino said, saying that she would receive numerous tweets that tell her to “go die” and “go burn in hell” and even scold her for costing her money if people had bet on her during certain matches.

I have compassion for Rebecca. I also have concerns. If there’s a choice to make, perhaps the thing to give up is social media, not your childhood dream. A person doesn’t have to be on social media outlets and this choice completely eliminates the negativity in a space she doesn’t have to be in. Her dream is/was to play tennis and it seems tragic to give that up because of careless and thoughtful  comments of people who probably can’t even play tennis.

I think there has to be more going on with a person to let what is said in social media affect them in such a profound way. This seems to be the case here in that Marino admits to dealing with depression.

I hope the next path she takes moves her to better mental health–and out of social media.

Unfortunately quitting the game won’t stop the negative comments,  because people will always have something to say.

What matter is what you say to yourself.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis