Terrell Owens Finally Lands An NFL Tryout

Terrell Owens Finally Lands An NFL Tryout

I wouldn’t exactly call this a comeback, but it’s a step in the right direction. Terrell Owens, the NFL’s black sheep has FINALLY landed his first NFL tryout since his playing days back in 2010 with the Seattle Seahawks.

According to the confirmed report, Owens will try out for the team on Monday for their open wide receiver position while the team is off.

I can’t say whether or not if Owens is a good fit for the Seahawks. When looking at stats alone, Owens even at age 38 is great in his position, but unfortunately when you add other personal drama factors into the equation, the stock takes a drastic dip. Many compare it to when Randy Moss took some time off and re-entered the league, but you’re wrong. Moss the left the league on his terms to deal with some “personal issues” and once he was at a point he was able to rejoin with the 49ers.

They say that you must go through to get through, but will that be the case for Owens? I sadly say it will not. We’ll keep you updated on today’s tryout.

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