Terrell Owens’ appearance on the Dr. Phil show only underscores the public’s perception of him: that he’s a horribly misguided talent who plays the victim role and uses excuses in an attempt to sideline his personal accountability.

As I watched the show, one thing was evident– Terrell Owens still wants to blame the media and the public for his personal choices. After twenty minutes into the show,  I was still waiting for Terrell Owens to “man up” and be accountable for his behavior. Thirty minutes– I was still waiting, and THEN somewhere around the fourty five minute mark he made a small acknowledgement. Everytime he had to give an account for his behavior it was because of someone else. He tried to sit in the victim role by saying, “I’m used to people saying bad things about me,” or saying that he’s angry with the women. When called to the carpet, T.O. always had an excuse.

What is apparent is that Terrell Owens doesn’t have anyone in his corner who is giving him real advice. He needs some people in his life who will hold him accountable and not accept his irresponsible behavior and blame it on others. Terrell Owens is seeking mercy and approval from the same community he blames for his negative image.

But there is hope.

I think Terrell Owens’ does want to be a good person. I think he wants to break the cycle of poor, neglected parenting and be a positive role model in the lives of his children. I just think that he doesn’t know how. One of the most profound statements made was by Kimber who said that Owens acknowledged he doesn’t know how to love his children. Terrell Owens didn’t dispute her statement, and the fact that his father was not in his life makes me believe he is telling the truth.

Terrell Owens, for all his antics and public displays of foolishness is a sad soul in need of love. I think he’s looking for acceptance and a genuine relationship that nurtures him. I think his unresolved past issues and hurts will continue to damage his present and can ultimately destroy his future. It seems he’s looking for love in all the wrong places.

Terrell, you’ve tried multiple women, the NFL, money, fame, and television–none of which has fulfilled you in the way that you need.

Try Jesus.

Your JGF,

~Angela Davis