Yesterday, after much speculation Terrell Ownes signed with his third team in three years, the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals and receiver Terrell Owens agreed to a two-year, $2 million deal, which also includes another $2 million in incentives that are attached to stat requirements that T.O. has been able to produce in past years.

Wow…two big names on one team, doesn’t this sound familiar, very Lebron-Bosh-Wade, but without all of the media hype. The big question is who’s going to get the ball, how’s this going to work, will T.O. wear #81, will this actually lead to a Super Bowl? All great questions, and according to Bengals coach Marvin Lewis, ‘it’s going to take some getting used to’.

In normal athlete fashion, Ochocinco and Owens took to the twitter waves, Owens replied to Ochocinco late Tuesday: “Ocho Uno is coming 2 town!! Hey Robin, Batman will b there soon!”  Then Ochocinco gushed about the matchup on his Twitter feed, welcoming Owens and joking that “all of our games have been moved to pay-per-view, you got to pay to see this.”

By adding T.O., the Bengals will lead the NFL in reality show stars. Ochocinco competed on “Dancing With the Stars” in the offseason, and has a dating show called “Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch” currently on VH1. After Ochocinco’s show comes the second season of “The T.O. Show.” During the season premier you were able to catch a glimpse of how disappointed Owens was when he wasn’t signed to the Bengals earlier in the off-season.

In the middle of the circus will be quarterback Carson Palmer, who helped bring Owens to Cincinnati. Palmer worked out with Owens in California and called coach Marvin Lewis, saying the team ought to try to sign him.

“He and Chad are going to do some great things with Carson,” said Drew Rosenhaus, the agent for both receivers. “Carson Palmer had a lot to do with this deal coming together.”

I know that I might have bashed T.O. last week, but it’s definitely going to be a much more interesting season with T.O. and Ochocinco playing on the same team. Get You Popcorn Ready!