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The Atlanta Falcons moving to Los Angeles? Don’t bet on it

The Atlanta Falcons moving to Los Angeles? Don’t bet on it

A FOX 5 report stated that mayor Kasim Reed and Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank advised city council members that business owners in California were looking to lure the team to west coast. This comes as Atlanta Mayor Reed supports Arthur Blank’s quest for a new stadium. A stadium that will cost at least $1 Million to build. 

Could this be true? Could the Atlanta Falcons be heading west? Nah…I don’t think so. This is just politics. Mayor Reed and Arthur Blank want the city council members to buy in to the idea of a new stadium, and of course it’s not the stadium that’s the rub; It’s the money. 

The stadium will cost at least $1 billion to build and even with Arthur Blank putting up $700 million of the money  needed, a hotel tax extended in 2010 would bring another $200 million to the Georgia World Congress Center Authority. O.K. so that’s $100 million short of what’s needed. Where is that money coming from?

Now the challenge is getting the Georgia State legislature to approve a $100 million increase in the hotel-motel tax, and Governor Nathan Deal is doubtful the legislature will move on approval. The Georgia Dome was renovated in 2008, so is a new stadium really needed? Well maybe. Need is a strong word.

In the grand scheme of things a new stadium is needed. The Atlanta Falcons are a formidable team, and if the city of Atlanta wants to host a Super Bowl, a new stadium would be first on the list. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell all but said it, and it seems they took heed. It’s been announced that the top 5 design firms have been chosen, and if I had to bet, Atlanta will be walking into a new stadium in the fall of 2017.

Football is too important in this country. It generates a TON of money and any major city with an NFL team who wants to be a serious Super Bowl host city must have a state of the art facility.

Stay tuned….

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis


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