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The city of Akron planning a ‘hero’s welcome’ for Lebron James

The city of Akron planning a ‘hero’s welcome’ for Lebron James

When LeBron James announced he was returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland fans were ecstatic. The city of Cleveland was also excited, not only because their “golden boy” was coming home, but because with him comes hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for the city –and not just Cleveland. The city of Akron, James’ actual hometown, was super excited, so much so that they are planning a “welcome back” party for him. 

Stephanie York, spokeswoman for the city of Akron says the details of the event have not been completed, but she did say, “It will be big.”

[it will be]  “a city-wide community event where everyone can welcome him home.”

According to

The city is working with the LeBron James Family Foundation to coordinate the homecoming event. York says the date will be determined by the NBA star’s schedule.


City Council President Garry Moneypenny announced the event during Monday’s council meeting, just before members passed a resolution thanking James for deciding to come home.

Did they really pass a resolution to officially “thank” him?? Wow…a bit extreme, but I guess I understand.

When the biggest athlete in the NBA comes from your hometown, I guess resolutions are in order when the prodigal son returns.

What do you think?

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~Angela Davis

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