The ‘Fab 5’ show up for the Michigan Wolverines and each other

All eyes are on the NCAA Men's basketball championship game--but, at least for a brief moment, the highlight was the reunion of the infamous 'Fab 5'. It just made sense that Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King, Ray Jackson and yes, Chris Webber would and SHOULD make an appearance in support of the Wolverines. Truth be told, no one was really sure of Webber would make it to the reunion. Old wounds seem to still haunt the once regarded heart of the Fab 5. However, the past is the past and Chris Webber showed up for Michigan--and his boys: (pics from Twitter)
Chris Webber arrives at the Georgia Dome for the Fab 5 reunion
Chris Webber arrives at the Georgia Dome for the Fab 5 reunion
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I'm so glad to see them all together again! Special shout-out to Jalen Rose for making the plea for the reunion and for his support of Michigan.
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