Get ready! The holiday season is here and “Black Friday” is the official jump-off to holiday shopping. Whether you’ve already started shopping or will be amongst the Black Friday crowds, you already know that getting the right gift is important, especially for your sports guy or Jersey Girlfriend (JGF).

No doubt your gift list is as long and interesting as the people you’re buying them for! For the sports guy or Jersey Girl, however, there’s always that extra “something” that makes their gift a home run….(pun intended).

In the spirit of the holidays, we’ve composed a nice rhyme that’ll help you with gifts for any real sports fan.

The Holiday Gift Rhyme

You’ve made your list, now check it twice

For your Jersey Girl or Guy.

Whether they are naughty or nice

These gifts are the best to buy.

Team gear is easy, and yes it’s true,

They can never have enough.

A new jersey, sweatshirt or hat will do

To add with to their other sports stuff.


But try something new this year

That’ll surely get you a hug.

Something so nice it’ll bring a tear.

And might make them cut a rug!

For the traveling sports fan think about ease

And something that could be fun.

A team logo carry-on bag is sure to please

Not just him, but everyone.


For the Jersey Girl think sexy and cute

Something that she would love.

A sports outfit or pair of boots

Is a gift from heaven above.

For the one you love get something really good

It’ll definitely make them smile.

Still not sure, yes you should

Go ahead—go the extra mile!

How about tickets to see the favorite team

Nothing can compare.

You can go too, it’ll be a dream

And a gift you both can share.

This is the best time of year.


And I hope you’ve enjoyed this rhyme.

If you don’t have money, please don’t fear

The best thing to spend is time.

 Your JGF,

~Angela Davis