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The Gotta Have…Must Have Accessories For 2012

So what’s really hot for 2012?

I know it may seem like it’s too late since it’s March and spring is upon us but trust me this is the perfect time. Now it is great to be ‘trendy’ so here are some trendy styles to watch for and remember with any trend be sure to put your own twist on it to make yours.

Belt bags are one of the great big trends this spring, not to be confused with the “fanny pack”. Belt bags come in different textures, styles and price ranges. I think it is a FAB must have for traveling, outdoor events and honestly everyday life. Now they are made for the bare items so pack wisely and pick one that fits your personal style.

The kitten heels are big this spring and are a fabulous accessory choice. They are feminine and classic, as well as comfortable. Now I’m not saying death to the stilettos, but the kitten heel cannot be ignored. The kitten heel adds a touch of class to jeans, slacks, skirts just, about anything except a ball gown.

For the inner romantic in all of us, florals are super-hot for spring. As much as I love this trend it can easily turn old lady, the trick is to wear in moderation, a little goes a long way.

The shine of metal is on fire, this trend honestly never goes out of style, it just ever changing. Always keep a piece in your wardrobe it adds a bite of a wild card to any outfit.

Last but never least, my personal favorite exotic skins. This may not be the most echo-friendly trend so it does come in faux skin, but be careful it can defiantly break your wallet so pick your pieces wisely. Stunning bright colors stood out on the runways but can easily be mixed into your everyday wardrobe. From office to the club there is nowhere this wouldn’t work.

If you choose to try one or all of these trends have fun and remember if it doesn’t look right, just change. Less is more but don’t be afraid to stand out. Remember keep it sexy!

Your girl,


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