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The Healthy Grocery Shopping Game Plan

The Healthy Grocery Shopping Game Plan

Jersey Girls, when going grocery shopping it can be a challenge to buy food that is healthy and tastes good–all within your budget. However, knowing what to buy is half the battle! Understanding what foods to buy in the different food groups can be hard to figure out. Luckily we’ve got wellness and nutrition Coach Michaelene Conner to map out the play! She gives us the best game plan and strategy to our grocery shopping. Here are the top five of the fourteen tips from her website

1. Hug the perimeter: Typically the fresh produce like breads, meat, poultry, fish, and dairy are available on the perimeter. When you opt for the fresh and organic items, you tend to avoid most chemicals used in the manufacturing process and packaging which add to our landfills. 

2. Seafood, Poultry & Meat:  Look for food items that have minimal saturated fat and omega-3 fats. Purchase fish fresh or frozen and wild caught for superior nutritional value. Buy skinless poultry fresh or frozen, organic, without hormone or steroids, or artificial ingredients. When selecting, beef, pork, lamb, or other meat food products, go for the lean low fat cuts. When choosing bacon substitute turkey bacon or Canadian bacon. In the case of ground beef purchase low fat beef or substitute with ground chicken or turkey.

3.  Rice, Grain & Pasta:  Purchase whole 100% whole grain products and protein enriched


Packaged Foods to have in your pantry:


> Basmati/Brown or Wild Rice           > Whole Wheat Flour


> Whole Wheat Pasta                         > Polenta in the tube


> Couscous                                         > Barley/Quinoa

4. Fruits & Vegetables: Organic labels ensure your fruit and vegetables haven’t been dosed with pesticides and tend to be of superior nutritional quality.  Or you can choose to buy the regular fruit and veggies with the thicker protective skin, which can be peeled away. Buy and prepare a variety of fresh or frozen fruits and veggies. The more colorful the produce, the more phytochemicals the food contains.


Tidbits on Your Produce


.  Potassium, a mineral abundant in fruits and vegetables, help your kidneys to excrete excess sodium, which in turn contributes to healthy blood pressure.


Dietary Fiber found in fruits and vegetables improves glucose control and cholesterol levels.


.  Vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals (such as lycopene) found in fruits and vegetables seem to protect the blood vessels leading to the heart from damage by free radicals.

Click here for a list of suggested produce.

5. Alcohol: There’s almost no getting around it when watching sports, so Coach Conner was nice enough to provide a list of alcohol!


>Makers Mark




>Dry to Semi Dry white and red wine

>Cassis, Green Apple, Blue Curacao, Cocoa D’oro

>Sweet and Dry Vermouth


>Soda, Diet Tonic, Rose’s Sweetened Lime Juice

Want the complete list? Check out Coach Conner at

 No go forth and shop!

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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