When Nick Foles showed up and showed out at the quarterback position with the Philadelphia Eagles, the writing was on the wall for MIchael Vick. He has been released by the Philadelphia Eagles and is looking for a new team. Where will he end up?

Who knows? There are a great many teams that could and would benefit from his skills and agility on the gridiron. If legendary running back Adrian Peterson has anything to say about it, Michael Vick will end up in Minnesota. He tweeted that he wanted Vick to be a Viking and that Vick could take the team to the playoffs:

@MikeVick would intently make the vikings a playoff team!
Well, I don’t know about Vick taking the team to the playoffs, but hey – anything is possible. The question is can Michael Vick stay healthy enough to last an entire season?
What do you think?
Your Jersey Girlfriend,
~Angela Davis