Football is America’s favorite drug and we’re all hooked. Now that the lockout is over men everywhere are adjusting their schedules, Sunday worship services and setting up their fantasy football leagues with excitement about this upcoming season. While the men are preparing, ladies it’s time you too get ready for some football. Here are the top five things you need to do to get ready for the NFL season:

1.  Get your female-friendly team gear: Just about every NFL team has a jersey or apparel that’s specifically designed just for you. A fitted shirt can let you represent your team in a fun, sexy way.

2.  Join a fantasy football league: If you’ve never joined a league NOW is the time. It’s fun AND you’ll get a chance to join the football competition in a whole new way. Yes, Jersey Girl Sports has a league through

3.  Up your sports lingo: Jersey girls, it’s not enough to just like the game. We want you to understand what you’re watching. Check out Jersey Girl Sports University (JGSU) on the sports 1-0-1 page. Knowledge is power—and sexy too! JGSU is where you can learn the game, speak the game and be the game!

4.  Get a Jersey Girl Sports t-shirt: YES, you’re a jersey girl and when you’re out with your jersey girlfriends (JGFs) at the sports bar your jersey girl sports t-shirt will let the guys know that you can enjoy the game as much as them—just with better shoes.

5.  Get tickets to a game: You’ve got the gear, joined a fantasy league, can speak the game now go to the game! The energy, the excitement and the rush you feel at an actual game is like no other. It’s the ultimate football experience and, jersey girls, you deserve it. Make it more fun by getting tickets to a game to see your favorite football hottie on the field!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a die-hard football fan or just have a casual interest. The NFL has turned the football switch to the ‘ON’ position. So plug in and get READY for some football!

Your JGF,