So when was the last time you actually sat down and watched an NFL Draft. Well you might want to tune in this year, because the NFL is stepping up their game.

Here’s the break down…

  • This year for the first time the draft is airing it most coveted round, Round 1, on prime time TV
  •  2 networks, ESPN and the NFL Network will carry the Thursday evening selection
  • There will be an Oscar-type red carpet for celebrities entering in Radio City Music Hall
  • …and oh yeah, let’s not forget about the 18 invited draftees (Tim Tebow will not be in attendance)
  • Plus there will be 25 ESPN camaras in the homes of potential draftees
  • 6 NFL Network cameras in six team “war rooms”

Trust me all of this has not been done to this magnitude before. The NFL hopes to turn the draft into more of an awards type show and add a huge entertainment factor to what has been hours of waiting in years past.  So get your popcorn ready for the 75th Draft of the National Football League. Good luck to all of the draftees and get your draft selections on

Until next time…

Your J.G.F.,