The New Orleans Hornets are now the ‘Pelicans’

It's true Jersey Girl Sports fam. Today the NBA team New Orleans Hornets will be announced as the New Orleans Pelicans, and fans are not happy. According to Yahoo! Sports, Hornets owner Tom Benson will reportedly announce the 2013-14 rebranding at a press conference on Thursday. He will also explain his rationale for choosing the name Pelicans. Uhhh--yeah. That's what we wanna know. Why the pelicans? Well it is the state bird and it's on the flag. The Pelicans were also a successful New Orleans minor league baseball team, but the name isn't the only change fans are upset about. The colors are changing too. The new colors will be red, blue and gold. Why not purple, green and gold, the state colors? Sure it wouldn't be an original idea, but it would connect with fans. Either way, it looks like the Pelicans are here to stay. I guess after a while, we'll all get used to it. What do you think? Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis

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